And it’s 1, 2, 3, what are we fighting for? Syria war looms


Hey, let’s bomb another country because we think they did something heinous, even if we can’t prove it and it could trigger a regional conflict. Even more crucially, let’s have no discernable plan or exit strategy except for needing to blow something up to prove our Exceptionalism. What could possible go wrong with that?

Punitive action is the dumbest of all actions,” he said. “The Assad regime has shown an incredible capacity to endure pain and I don’t think we have the stomach to deploy enough punitive action that would serve as a deterrent.”

He also doubted the effectiveness of taking out Assad’s chemical weapons capabilities. “If we start picking off chemical weapons targets in Syria, the logical response is if any weapons are left in the warehouses, he’s going to start dispersing them among his forces if he hasn’t already,” he continued. “So you’re too late to the fight.”

Feel Like I’m Fixing To Die Rag by Country Joe and The Fish was the anthem of the Vietnam anti-war protests. Despite being somewhat of a period piece tied to a specific era, it’s stood the test of time because it was bitingly on target and humorous. The countries we invade have changed but what the Fish sing about is still too sadly true. (And I was at Woodstock and heard Country Joe sing it!)