Mad rush to war based on flimsy evidence in Syria

Homs, Syria. Credit
Homs, Syria. Credit

Bombing may commence as early as Thursday. Maybe the US will even release their supposed evidence by then. Assad is a thug. So are many / most of the rebels. Sending guns and money to them seems singularly stupid and short-sighted. There’s a huge difference here between this and previous “interventions.” Russia is vocally supporting Assad. If we send cruise missiles, the Russians may well respond (through proxies)

Also, there’s still no evidence the Assad government fired the poison gas. If it even was gas. The fatality rate was 10% which is very low. Syria has huge stores of nasty fertilizer that have been banned here. A bomb hitting one of those storehouses could create something quite toxic. And why would Assad deliberately do something to bring the US into the conflict? He’s a butcher but he’s not stupid.

Why is this our fight? What do we wish to accomplish? And how will it be done?

The real reason US will attack Syria

The people who have something to benefit are the Syrian rebels, who are losing, and who need intervention. If they can frame the Syrian government for a chemical weapons attack, they get what they need.

And that, almost certainly, is why the US and UK will attack, because their proxies, the FSA, are losing. If they don’t attack, Assad is going to win this civil war, not least because the rebels seem to have lost public support.

Neocons sucker Obama into a war?

Obama has been suckered into war with Syria because the conflict can quickly escalate into war with Iran. The neocons have made one thing clear over the past half-dozen years: They want to gin up a war with Iran, and they want all of the resultant mass death to happen on a Democrat’s watch.

US says Assad regime launched chemicals, hasn’t released evidence yet

Maybe this will be like the uranium tubes propaganda that led to the Iraq War…

Russia has proof the rebels did it

Pepe Escobar, reporter for the Asia Times, reports in Facebook that Russia has presented to the UN Security Council “conclusive evidence – based on documents and Russian satellite images – of two rockets carrying toxic chemicals, fired from Douma, controlled by the Syrian ‘rebels,’ and landing on East Ghouta.” This was reported two days ago in Arabic and confirmed today by Khalil Harb, of the Lebanese paper As-Safir. It is based on a Russian source, who says the evidence is conclusive. This information explains why there is no UN Security Council resolution against Syria, according to Escobar – See more at:

Iran says attack on Syria will lead to counterattack on Israel