Kerry watched social media to determine Syria used poison gas


No, really, I’m not making this up. Not only did Secretary of State Kerry says Youtube videos were crucial in his decision to declare war on Syria (because that’s what we’re doing) he made zero effort to link the gas attack to the Assad government. Might we not want to be sure of our facts this time before we launch the cruise missiles, especially considering the Iraq War was based on lies. It is certainly conceivable that one faction of the rebels launched the attack on another to bring the US into the war.

Truth is the first casualty of war.

He says he watched the videos on social media to decide Assad was guilty. No, really! This is your Secretary Of State!
That despite the UN inspectors not having finished, the US government’s assessment is “based in fact”. That the regime has the weapons and so the regime must be responsible. That the US government will be providing more information in the days ahead.


  1. the Iraq war was not “based on lies” it was sold with lies because the real reasons were too complicated for the average dope and not soundbite-ready for the “news.” Need proof? your own assertion that it was based on lies will do. nuance and details are the first casualties of cultural decline.

    btw, social media as a whole is speeding the decline. it makes us less social and dumber.

    • There was nothing complicated about the lies. The US said Saddam had WMDs. He didn’t have them, which is something Bush, Cheney, Powell, and the rest of the war criminals knew.

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