US says Syria govt used chemical weapons, offers no evidence

Apparently no effort is being to determine if the rebels used nerve gas in their own version of a Reichstag Fire as that would interfere with the war pigs having themselves another jolly little war. This is exactly the same type of pretext the US used to invade Iraq. The truth is a casualty here. The US has already made the decision to “intervene”

Rich Man’s War – Steve Earle

“Bobby had an eagle and a flag tattooed on his arm
Red white and blue to the bone when he landed in Kandahar
Left behind a pretty young wife and a baby girl
A stack of overdue bills and went off to save the world
Been a year now and he’s still there
Chasin’ ghosts in the thin dry air
Meanwhile back at home the finance company took his car
Just another poor boy off to fight a rich man’s war”