Our aging US water infrastructure

Credit: wsscwater.com
Credit: wsscwater.com

We can no longer neglect our crumbling water infrastructure and we must realize that energy and water are inextricably bound, said water wonk Gerald E. Galloway, testifying before Congress.

Some quotes:

The nation’s neglect of its water resources infrastructure threatens our long-term economic vitality and our national security. This infrastructure is aging and is not being upgraded to meet the demands of this century. Much of what we do every day and many of our economic successes are tied to the availability of water infrastructure. The gradual deterioration of what was once a world class water resources infrastructure can only have deleterious effects on the nation.

There is a substantial link between the production of energy and the condition of the water resource infrastructure. In many cases these linkages are overlooked or are poorly understood. Energy needs water and water needs energy.

The nation must take steps to address the aging infrastructure problem. It is another case of “pay me now” or “pay me a lot more later.”