Encrypted email service Silent Circle won’t comply with NSA, shuts down


Tech journalist and uber-geek Robert Scoble comments on Facebook about encrypted email services like Silent Circle closing rather than comply with NSA thugs. Scoble originally thought NSA surveillance was ok and has made a complete change. One reason so many read him is because he works his views out in public, changes them as he learns more, and is transparent about the process.

Wow, Silent Circle was the startup Phil Zimmermann (the famous PGP inventor) was involved with. If he can’t keep stuff out of US Government eyes, no one can.

This is a defining moment, in my eyes.

The government is way over the line. Will anyone be able to pull it back? I don’t think so.

We are heading into an Un American era where the government no longer serves us. We now exist to serve the government.

My great grandfather got arrested for speaking out against the Nazis in Germany.

I bet he’s spinning in his grave.