Fukushima radioactive water disaster is way worse than you feared

Credit: sandia.gov
Credit: sandia.gov

Radioactive water is bubbling up to the surface at Fukushima and into the ocean . This is because the criminally negligent managements at TEPCO, instead of solving the problem, pumped radioactive water underground. The ground soil is now waterlogged. Reactor buildings are already tilting and sinking. Wait, it gets worse. They pumped 200-300 metric tons a day for months of this poisoned water into the ground on top of a giant aquifer.

Japan needs to stop radioactive water flowing into ocean now or it will become a pariah and its economy will collapse. Seriously. This is a planetary issue. Screw niceties. Screw saving face. Fix the problem.

From comments on Zero Hedge

Japan needs to declare a worldwide emergency and invite all of types of scientific experts to plan and chart the best course of action possible. Governments (other than Japan,) and the UN need to stay out of this. Japan needs to be declared a geo-political free zone for the duration of the Fukushima problem.

Agreed. This transcends agendas or rivalries. It’s time to pull a Rob McEwen (see the GoldCorp story) and put out all the information available to subject matter experts around the world. That is how the best solution will be found. Task forces need to be dedicated and emergency symposia arranged. Resources and tools need to be developed, prepared, allocated. God has given us this opportunity to work together.