Japan PM joins Greenpeace, says TEPCO incapable of Fukushima cleanup

Credit: blues-tea-cha.blogspot.com
Credit: blues-tea-cha.blogspot.com

At least 300 tons of highly radioactive water a day is pouring into the ocean at Fukushima. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agrees with Greenpeace that TEPCO is incompetent and incapable of action. I’d go further than that. TEPCO management is criminally negligent. They should all be fired immediately then arrested.

“The worsening leaks of contaminated water at the Fukushima nuclear plant prove Tepco is incapable of dealing with the disaster,” Greenpeace International said in a statement, referring to Tokyo Electric. “Japan’s authorities must now step in and ensure action is finally taken to stop the leaks.”

Abe did just that yesterday, telling a ministerial meeting the government will draw up a strategy to tackle the problem.

“It is an urgent problem,” Abe said. “We will not leave this to Tepco.”