Funding for Sacramento Delta tunnels iffy at best

Tinkerbelle pixie dust

Calif. Gov. Brown’s billion dollar Sacramento Delta tunnels boondoggle for big unions and and big banks is predicated on mighty foggy numbers. Major water bonds are expected to magically be passed by voters even though water bonds have been pulled off the ballot twice in recent years due to voter outrage over the cost and the amount of pork in them. In addition, the state and federal government will toss in $8 billion, according to the Sacramento pixie dust finance fairies, who also assume that water contractors will be a-ok with ponying up $17 billion.

I lost track of the number of times I read the words assumed, expected, anticipated or potential funding sources, which seems counter to what I understand or my definition of assured adequate funding to carry out conservation actions,” said Melinda Terry, North Delta Water Agency. “But in particular, relying on 14 percent to come from two water bonds thinking that they’ll pass is like me saying I’m going to retire early because I’m going to win the Powerball this week. It’s a nice little dream but I can’t take that to the bank.”