3D printing keys, even high security keys, is now easy


MIT students are releasing software to allow 3D printing keys for high security Schlage Primus locks, which have two sets of tumblers. A key that used to be nearly impossible to duplicate can now be easily 3D printed.

Primus locks are used in high security settings and it appears they are no longer impregnable. You do need the physical key to 3D print a copy. However, photos taken of the Primus keys, even at distance, can also be used to duplicate them.

“All you need is a friend that works there, or to take a picture of their key, or even a picture of the key hanging off their belt,” says Lawrence. “Pirating keys is becoming like pirating movies. Someone still has to get the information in the first place, but then everyone can get a copy.”

Mechanical locks in high security places will soon be obsolete.