“Russia is not a colony, US has no legal basis to claim Snowden”


Snowden’s lawyer in Russia rips the US a new one over its arrogant temper tantrum about Russia granting Snowden temporary amnesty. The more the US bangs its rattle on the high chair, the worse it makes itself look.

“Since I became [Snowden’s] legal representative, we’ve been asking – both through the [US] embassy and I, personally, through the media – ‘Please, make a clear reference to a provision of law that would allow us to turn him over to you.’ Thus far we did not receive any response.”

“If there was any legal basis, they would immediately send such a request. We have to demonstrate prudence in [this situation]. The dialogue, no matter how hard it is, should be meaningful.”

“[Russia] is not a colony of the US, and we cannot be told ‘Give him to us!'”