Google is over the freaky line, as we all will be soon enough


Google Glass and the new MotoX are early examples of the era of sensors everywhere that we’re entering into, says uber-geek and journalist Robert Scoble. He’s writing a book about this with Shel Israel called The Age of Context. Many of these sensors will be ones we choose to use.

Yes, there’s a huge downside, as witness NSA surveillance. There’s also an upside, like with health sensors which might be able to determine a medical problem before we do, then notify us and our doctors.

My new MotoX phone will listen to me full stop. What if I start talking about bombs or suicide or quitting my job and joining a cult (something my mom did, by the way)?

Now that our phones are listening to us full time, will they call our doctor when we start acting depressed? Or ordering food that we shouldn’t be eating?