Social media poisons own well due to its complicity with NSA

Credit: WaPo
Credit: WaPo

Maybe rolling over to NSA without a fight wasn’t such a good idea after all for all those greedy social media kidz (and Bill Gates, apparently) who wanted to be billionaires.

NSA leaks about spying are scaring some Americans away from the Internet

News of the U.S. government’s secret surveillance programs that targeted phone records but also information transmitted on the Internet has done more than spark a debate about privacy. Some are reviewing and changing their online habits as they reconsider some basic questions about today’s interconnected world. Among them: How much should I share and how should I share it?

Further, many overseas firms and users are seriously questioning whether they should use US-based cloud services.

A call to boycott U.S. tech platforms over the NSA’s PRISM surveillance

The past few weeks have been game-changing for the U.S./Europe relationship, with the EU Commission already hinting at moving cloud computing centers to Europe, many parliamentarians proposing to review international trade agreements and data exchange practices, and German chancellor Merkel heading towards a pre-election show-down on these very issues. It is not actually the fact that surveillance is real that scares Europeans, it is that now, everyone apparently is a legitimate target — yes we scan, because we can!