Assad regime thanks US peace movement for its support!


Parts of the US peace movement, from the deeply naive Green Party to the loony Manichean left like PSL openly support the Assad regime against “terrorists” and he’s so darned pleased with him that he thanked them.

The Syria State TV News carried a glowing report on the “No War on Syria” anti-intervention protests organized by the US Peace Movement on July 10th & 11th in Los Angeles, New York and other cities.

From Assad’s point of view: What was not to like? None of these demonstrators were protesting intervention by Russia, Iran, Iraq and Hezbullah in support of his war against his people. And they weren’t protesting his use of Scuds, cluster bombs, and poison gas on his cities. They were only protesting suspected or promised intervention by anyone in support of the people Assad has been slaughtering with the help of his friends for two and a half years.

There are still real revolutionaries fighting the loathsome Assad regime. Sure, lots of jihadis are fighting too. The opposition forces are fractured and some of them no friends of open government and freedom. But by backing a mass murderer and torturer, these parts of the left show their own moral bankruptcy.