Sickening corporatism. The merger of Silicon Valley and US govt


If corporatism is the merger of government and business, then Silicon Valley and Microsoft deserve special awards for doing everything they could to make it happen, all the while pretending to be squeaky clean, “different” from all those nasty bricks and mortar companies, and deeply concerned with you, the user.

Microsoft spent months working with FBI and NSA to insure they would have unfettered access to data you thought was private. This includes Skydrive, which NSA no longer even has to ask permission to peek at. How thoughtful of Microsoft to do that. Not to be outdone, Google gave NSA a back door into Android.  This is sickening and shows corruption at the highest levels of Silicon Valley and Redmond.

None of this is any surprise: that America’s electronic communication sector is in bed with Uncle Bush and Uncle Obama was made abundantly clear in ““You Should Use Both” – How America’s Internet Companies Are Handing Over Your Data To Uncle Sam.” Still, prima facie proof that corporations systematically betray the privacy of their clients in order to curry favor with the government should be troubling if only to those who are not in the same state of completely symbiotic relationship with the government and whose sustenance depends on preserving Big Government at all costs, which as we will shows in a post shortly is just over 110 million Americans.

More from the Guardian explaining how anyone using MSFT products should be aware that the NSA logs every single keystroke:

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