Maine governor, other dimbulbs kill proposed offshore wind farm

What offshore wind looks like. US still has none.Credit:
What offshore wind looks like. US still has none.Credit:

A 12 MW $120 million floating offshore wind farm in Maine has been put on hold by Norwegian energy company Statoil after an amendment backed by the Maine’s flat earth governor re-opened bidding after the project had been approved.

The governor has taken NIMBY opposition to renewable energy to comically deranged levels.

The amendment appears to be the result of a decision by the office of Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, who is on record as opposing wind power. In an op-ed, local newspaper the Kennebec Journal said LePage has “even claimed that wind power is a fraud, saying that the University of Maine at Presque Isle’s windmill is turned by ‘a little electric motor’ and not wind, a statement that even he later admitted was laughably false.”

The United States still has no offshore wind. Statoil may move the project to Norway, where politicians do not live in Bizzaro World, and really, who can blame them?