Maine governor, other dimbulbs kill proposed offshore wind farm

What offshore wind looks like. US still has none.Credit:

What offshore wind looks like. US still has none.Credit:

A 12 MW $120 million floating offshore wind farm in Maine has been put on hold by Norwegian energy company Statoil after an amendment backed by the Maine’s flat earth governor re-opened bidding after the project had been approved.

The governor has taken NIMBY opposition to renewable energy to comically deranged levels.

The amendment appears to be the result of a decision by the office of Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, who is on record as opposing wind power. In an op-ed, local newspaper the Kennebec Journal said LePage has “even claimed that wind power is a fraud, saying that the University of Maine at Presque Isle’s windmill is turned by ‘a little electric motor’ and not wind, a statement that even he later admitted was laughably false.”

The United States still has no offshore wind. Statoil may move the project to Norway, where politicians do not live in Bizzaro World, and really, who can blame them?

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