Desertec plan to power Europe with Africa renewable energy blows up

Credit: Desertec Foundation

Credit: Desertec Foundation

An internal dispute over governance has irrevocably split two major bodies in Desertec. Their plan was to have massive amounts of renewable energy in the Middle East and North Africa power Europe. Among the problems were the scope of the project, internal disputes, plunging costs of solar photovoltaics, charges of colonialism, and building ginormous water-slurping solar thermal plants in deserts.

Their vision of Desertec is huge and laudable. I hope someday it happens, so long as the countries in MENA are well-paid for the use of their land and are equal partners.

The non-governmental Foundation, which is the main idea- and name-giver for the DESERTEC concept, is taking this step as a result of many irresolvable disputes between the two entities in the area of future strategies, obligations and their communication and last but not least the managerial style of Dii’s top management. DESERTEC Foundation also wants to avoid being dragged into the maelstrom of negative publicity about the management crisis and disorientation of the industrial consortium. The dispute at the management level has already led to resentment among the partners of the DESERTEC Foundation and it negatively affects our reputation and trust. This is what the DESERTEC Foundation intends to avoid.

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