How does diverting 2/3’s of Sacramento River water restore the Delta?


California Gov Brown wants to divert two-thirds of the water going into the Sacramento Delta in order to save the Delta. This would be done by building two huge tunnels the state has no idea how it will pay for to send water to Central Valley agriculture and southern California from the Sacramento River. That this would mightily please two of Brown’s biggest constituencies, big labor (who would build it) and big banks (who would finance and sell the bonds) of course has no influence on his decision whatsoever.

As for his avowed goal of destroying the Delta to save it, residents of Delta beg to differ.

“Everyone is confused by what they’re doing,” he said. “No one understands how you can improve the health of the Delta by taking water out of the Delta, rather than let it flow downstream through the Delta.

“Everyone here is scratching their heads about this.”