Thomas Cox – Maine Attorneys Saving Homes from foreclosure


Thomas Cox is the lawyer who broke the robo-signing story. It resulted in a $25 billion settlement. He helps families avoid foreclosure and has trained hundreds of other lawyers to do the same. All the work is done pro bono.

He once was an expert on foreclosures and wrote a book about how to do them in Maine. When real estate imploded. he found himself foreclosing on people he knew on a first name basis. It tore him up. He quit law and came back a few years later to help those being foreclosed.

Defending a woman named Nicolle Bradbury, Cox uncovered the “robo-signing” scandal, conducting depositions that contributed to a $25 billion settlement and exposed some of the most egregious practices of the mortgage industry. Today Mr. Cox is involved in training hundreds of lawyers around the country to better defend victims of illegal mortgage practices.

Maine Attorneys Saving Homes