General Strangelove and his secret American Stasi


The head of US cyberwars efforts AKA the American Stasi, Gen. Keith Alexander, wants to monitor everything we do on the net and is just aching to take control of it. For our protection of course. Yeah, right…

In his telling, the threat is so mind-bogglingly huge that the nation has little option but to eventually put the entire civilian Internet under his protection, requiring tweets and emails to pass through his filters, and putting the kill switch under the government’s forefinger. “What we see is an increasing level of activity on the networks,” he said at a recent security conference in Canada. “I am concerned that this is going to break a threshold where the private sector can no longer handle it and the government is going to have to step in.”

He has no problem breaking the law, says Wikipedia:

Alexander’s reaction [to 9/11] was to order his intercept operators to begin to illegally monitor the email and phone calls of American citizens who were unrelated to terrorist threats, including the personal calls of journalists.