World’s first 3D printed house being built

KamerMaker 3D printer. Credit DUS Architects

KamerMaker 3D printer. Credit DUS Architects

Work is progressing on a 3D printed house in Amsterdam. A giant KamerMaker 3D printer prints the parts onsite. DUS Architects is building it and has full details. They say, what if we could 3D print buildings anywhere, including temporary housing, and maybe even use recycled plastic to do so. Or just quickly change a building to meet current needs?

The KamerMaker (RoomBuilder) is the world’s first movable pavilion that can 3D print entire rooms of plastics. Its 3D print technology is based on an enlarged ‘Ultimaker’ 3D printing machine. This machine can print 3D objects using PLA (bio plastics produced from corn). Just like its little sister, the KamerMaker can print small interiors, measuring up to 2.0m(width) x 2.0m (length) x 3.5m (height).

What sets the KamerMaker apart from the Ultimaker, next to its great size, is that it is a real architectural pavilion. In other words: The KamerMaker itself is a pavilion, that can reproduce small pavilions!

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