Coal is still king, US oil production soars. Renewable energy still tiny

Credit: BP
Credit: BP

Well this is depressing. After all the hoopla about renewable energy, the same old dirty culprits are still king with renewable energy still a midget. Worldwide, renewable energy produces 4.7% of total power. Nuclear power dropped sharply but this is not neccessarily a good thing as most of that will be made up by coal and natural gas, which means substantially more emissions.

The US recorded the largest oil and natural gas production increases in the world, and saw the largest gain in oil production in its history.

Coal remained the fastest-growing fossil fuel, increasing 2.5%


  1. Think: employment. Our economic system doesn’t mind creating energy we won’t actually use, as long as it puts people to work – and, ironically enough, our government helps pay for all that waste.

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