NSA leaks – the real divide is authoritarian vs non-authoritarian


Some supposed liberals and progressives are just shocked at that horrid Snowden fellow and instead chose to genuflect to their true king, the DC establishment. This comes as no surprise as liberals generally are enthralled by big government. However, this does neatly show where the real split is in the country. Forget left vs right. It’s really about non-authoritarian vs authoritarian.

After several days of revelations about the NSA from the Guardian and others, it’s clear that – as Zaid Jilani of Bold Progressives puts it – “there are only two political labels right now: authoritarian and non-authoritarian” when it comes to the issue of massive government surveillance. The usual party cleavages along an economic left-right spectrum don’t matter in this debate, as we see a “return of the liberal-tarians” and as even Dem-supporting DC establishment insiders in the media and think-tanks largely gather around the NSA flag in support.

We are at a watershed moment in our nation’s history now. It’s time to smash the monster. Don’t say it can’t be done. No one thought apartheid or the Iron Curtain would fall, but both did. If the monster isn’t stopped we will have a real life genuine police state in the US, and sooner rather than later. This is not paranoia. Choose to choose. Take the red pill.

Because if you take the blue pill, you end up in the endless, doomed political spiral so favored by the Republocrats, caught in a rat trap and you can’t get out.

Just as they did on being anti-war, anti-drone and anti-Gitmo, partisan Democrats continue to stick to the “my party right or wrong”Â line.

No, it won't be different this time
No, it won’t be different this time


  1. Very true Bob. That’s one of the few saving graces of Democrats though. Some (though far too few) do tend to pay attention to what their constituents say. Now more than ever they need to hear that non-authoritarian voice, which is why I called my Senators and Legislators offices today.

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