Labour Party promises, if elected, to do what current government does


I’m thinking the Democratic Party in the US and the Labour Party in Britain are executing the same dimbulb political strategy. Mimic the right-wing while pretending to be different.

From The Independent:

At last, the Labour Party leaders are revealing their election strategy. They’ve announced they’ll stick to the current Government’s spending plans, and the current Government’s welfare cap. Next week, Ed Miliband will announce:“The British people are sick and tired of the way this Government runs the country, and that’s why we promise to do everything exactly the same. There are so many things they’ve ruined, which is why I assure you categorically we will keep ruining the same things. THAT is the exciting prospect we will be putting to the British people in 2015.”

(Ok, this Independent article is satirical but I bet you weren’t sure, right?)