Whoa. Dynamic Phone configures itself to your current needs


Speak “sushi” to your Dynamic Phone and it immediately pops up multiple links, references, videos, and info on nearby sushi restaurants. It’ll do the same for any command. Watch the video. It’s amazing. Significantly, they have dropped iPhone support since their concept works best, they say, with open software systems. Right now, that’s Android and Firefox OS.

Every time you open your phone it looks exactly the same right? Imagine your phone could magically transform to whatever you have in mind. Get it on Google Play

Currently available only in the US, UK, Canada and Spain!

The Dynamic Phone, powered by Everything.me, is the new way for people to interact with their mobile devices: it gets what you want — and instantly adapts to get you whatever you’re thinking about.

Feel free to talk to us, it’s a beta and we would love to hear from you:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EverythingMe


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