Mosaic. Crowdfunding solar projects with small investments

Ronald McDonald House - Mosaic funding

Mosaic lets you to invest as little as $25 in solar project loans with an average rate of return of about 4.5%. I’ve put small amounts into two, a Ronald McDonald House in San Diego and a convention center in New Jersey. Both will use the money to put solar panels on their roofs. Loans are repaid monthly and proceeds go directly into your checking account or Mosaic account. They charge 1% for crowdfunding solar projects.

Multiple tech and renewable energy sites have researched Mosaic and deemed it worthy and honest. And momentum is growing.

Forbes. 4/20/2013

This week, though, Mosaic announced that securities regulators in California recently approved it to offer $100 Million worth of solar investments to residents of that state. Mosaic jumped out of the gates immediately after this approval, with a 114 kW, $157,750 solar project on the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego. The investment offered a 4.5% return to investors over a 117 month term, and it was fully subscribed by 171 investors within 6 hours.

While lining up new projects and awaiting regulatory approvals, Mosaic has partnered with Standard and Poors, DuPont, and Distributed Sun to form a group called truSolar. TruSolar is working to standardize risk assessment and develop scores for each solar project that would be similar to a credit rating, thereby streamlining the entire development and financing process.