Arizona cactus photos. Century Plant in full bloom

I took these these photos on a meticulously maintained nature trail at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. Finding a century plant in full bloom was a treat. Deserts are amazing places; harsh, sometimes dangerous, but filled with animal life and beautiful plants too.

Sue has the second checkup appointment for her cornea transplant tomorrow morning at Mayo. Her new cornea is doing great.


Century plants take years to bloom, bloom once, then die.

totem pole cactus

Totem Pole cactus in front, Saguaro cactus in back.


Chollo. These cactus are evil! Lots of needles. Sometimes people get stuck in them and can’t get out. One species is called Jumping Chollo because you swear you didn’t touch it yet the needles are embedded in you. Its needles are wispy yet have been known to penetrate running shoe rubber.

organ pipe cactus

Organ pipe cactus


barrel cactus

You might think a barrel cactus with fish hook needles is nastier than a Cholla. It’s not.