SEO is dead. Long live social media


Social Media is Dynamite details how social media is becoming the predominant way of communicating on the net, making parts of the web somewhat obsolete.

SEO and old style websites are likely be less and less relevant. Social sharing will drive site visits and the social sites will become the place more time is spent on. Social is already more popular on the web than pornography.

TV, radio and newspapers will also be less relevant, as people spend more and more time on these social sites.

We had breakfast in a hotel this morning. No one was reading newspapers. Instead, people were getting news from their smart phones. This is a sea change from ten years ago when everyone read newspapers during breakfast.

This shift does have a down side as sites may overtly tailor their content to fit what advertisers want so their tailored ads appear more like content. The division between advertising and content looks to be very blurry indeed.

Advertisers will take up real estate on your social feeds. And they will get cleverer. Ads will become engagement snares.

Out bound selling will transition into content creation for inbound prospect attraction sites.