Facial recognition in Google Glass raises legitimate privacy concerns

Credit: siliconangle.com
Credit: siliconangle.com

A genuinely useful Google Glass app helps hospital employees ID patients and share data. But what happens when Glass can ID anyone?

There are some people, like those in law enforcement, who do not wish to be identified when they are walking down the street. These are genuine concerns. Glass can’t ID people walking down the street now but in a few years…?

“Oh gosh, look, that guy is the cop who put my brother in prison for ten years.”

Undercover cops could get in serious trouble if they were ID’ed. Maybe drug cartels will develop their own Glass apps targeting rival cartel members and police. Spot them, share the location, send in the sicarios (assassins.)

Don’t think this can’t happen.

Facial recognition is coming to smartphones. The ramifications of this may have disturbing, unintended  effects.