Shut up slaves, immigration will want to see your papers too


Buried in the proposed new immigration bill is truly noxious “digital authoritarianism” that would monitor all citizens all the time. Not only is it Orwellian, it is also security theater that doesn’t make us safer.

Immigration bill to treat American citizens as conquered subjects

This provision is flatly unconstitutional, but the Bill of Rights is not held in high esteem by most members of Congress or the largest donors to the Democratic and Republican parties. Big Data corporations intend to make enormous profits helping advocates of Big Government transform the “normal” of American life into what formally used to be considered appropriate for inmates in a minimum security prison.

The bill requires employers look up prospective employees to insure their photo matches. But with the obvious (and probably intended) possibility of mission creep, the government may well keep track of most everything we do. The possibilities for abuse are obvious. Political enemies of someone in power could simply be made non-persons, either deleted from the database or marked as dangerous.

Imagine, you have offended some local worthy with your letter to the editor or your campaign donation to their opponent and suddenly”¦.your debit and credit cards stop working, your employer can no longer issue you your paycheck, you can’t enter any public facilities (the biometric scan rejects you as a “security threat”)

Don’t think it can’t happen here.