Obama calls IRS targeting conservatives “outrageous”


Obama just told the IRS they’re on their own in the erupting scandal of the IRS targeting conservatives, saying those responsible should be held “fully accountable.”

This is pretty straightforward. If in fact IRS personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on, and intentionally targeted conservative groups, then that is outrageous and there’s no place for it.”

Conservative columnist George Will suggests that Obama could be impeached and at least two Congressional investigations are coming. This is a train wreck and the first rule of politics in DC (and elsewhere) is never be found near the scene of the crime.

A somewhat innocent explanation is that low level IRS employees filtering through all the nonprofit applications wanted a way to target those groups that could be political masquerading as nonprofits. However, they way they did was braindead, made worse by those three levels down from the IRS Commissioner knowing and approving. A less innocent explanation is that operatives inside and outside the IRS somehow got this done.

It wasn’t just conservative groups that were targeted, it was any group that criticized the government in a meaningful way.

My prediction: Several top level IRS personnel will resign after public spankings and strict rules will be instituted to avoid this outrageous behavior in the future.