IRS dicey explanation for targeting Tea Party

sponge bob smelly

The IRS has apologized for singling out non-profits with “Tea Party” or “patriot” in their name during the 2012 election. However, their excuse for doing so is both mighty smelly and most illogical.

IRS says the targeting was not done for partisan motives but as a way to deal with a flood of nonprofit applications. So they just out of the blue decided that any name with “tea party” or “patriot” in it would be chosen but this should not be construed as being partisan. Right. And I have a nice Brooklyn Bridge available for sale too.

During that period, about 75 groups were selected for extra inquiry — including burdensome questionnaires and, in some cases, improper requests for the names of their donors — simply because of the words in their name.

So, not only did they deliberately target organizations with specific political beliefs, they also made improper requests for names? And we are to believe this was all due to “front-line” employees working on their own?

Anyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be appalled by this.