3D printed gun fired successfully

Credit: defcad.org
Credit: defcad.org

The world’s first 3D printed gun has been successfully fired in Texas. The only metal part is the firing pin, all other parts are made from ABS plastic using a freely available $8,000 3D printer. CAD plans for the gun can be downloaded free at Defcad.

[Cody] Wilson, who describes himself as a crypto-anarchist, said his plans to make the design available were “about liberty”.

He told the BBC: “There is a demand of guns – there just is. There are states all over the world that say you can’t own firearms – and that’s not true anymore.

“I’m seeing a world where technology says you can pretty much be able to have whatever you want. It’s not up to the political players any more.”

Defcad has a federal firearms manufacturing permit and the gun is completely legal. This is just one example of how the disruptive technology of 3D printing is upsetting and changing established ways of doing things.