Syria descends into hell aided and abetted by US and its allies


The coming US military intervention in Syria has nothing to do with restoring democracy. It’s about toppling Syria as a major power and thereby weakening Iran and Hezbollah. The economy of Syria is now a zombie and many former city dwellers are literally living in caves. The US and allies have done nothing while this happened. Now they think they can ‘intervene’ (i.e. invade) and somehow take over the country? This is delusional. None of this will help the increasingly brutalized and terrorized people of Syria.

From Stop the War Coalition

The Pentagon “announced that is is sending an additional 200 troops, mostly command and logistics experts, to Jordan to help prepare the Jordanian government for a potential military intervention in Syria’s ongoing civil war.”

Why would Jordan want to intervene in Syria? Or are they just a proxy for the US? Jordanian troops crossing into Syria would be an act of war by any standards, the consequences of which will be completely unpredictable.

Far from anyone winning, the instability is now spreading with fighting in Iraq near the Syrian border, and with the threat of a much wider war. The alliance of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Jordan and the western powers has in its sights the taking out of Syria as a key ally of Iran, and with it Hezbollah in Lebanon. The aim is nothing short of a transformation of the Middle east aimed at permanently weakening Iran and its allies.

Such an outcome would result in near chaos in the Middle East, as one major country, Syria, crumbles into pieces without a functioning economy. Jihadists, Islamists, drug and gun dealers will swarm in. Warlords will create fiefdoms. If the US or Saudi Arabia thinks they can govern that, then they are insane. But that clearly is the plan.

They tried it before, ten years ago, with the invasion of Iraq. We are all living with the consequences. Remember that when they try to sell the need for intervention based on weapons of mass destruction. Again.

BBC had a fascinating interview with a reporter who has been to Syria multiple times and talked with the rebels. They don’t understand the US fixation on chemical weapons. Does the manner of my death make a difference, one said. If my wife is killed by bullets not chemicals, is she still not dead? They have no faith or trust in the US.