Using concrete 3D printing to repair piers damaged by Hurricane Sandy



Dshape already 3D prints concrete structures like park benches and even small buildings. They will now be scanning seawalls, piers, and other edifices damaged by Hurricane Sandy and use concrete 3D printing to create custom parts that fit snugly and at a lower cost than with traditional methods.

Dshape just won first prize in ‘Change the Course – The NYC Waterfront Construction Competition’

Dshape’s ‘Digital Concrete’ resolves a number of issues regarding the restoration of piers, piles and seawalls that populate New York’s waterfront. By 3D scanning, then 3D printing concrete, one combines the best of precast and cast-in-place methods. The advantages of quality control in fabricating off-site yet being able to closely fit the encasements, blocks or extensions to the surface that they are nestled into has a number of advantages, including lower costs, better quality control (thus longer life), lower labor mobilization and quicker delivery and installations. Furthermore, there is a potential opportunity to rejuvenate the waterfront by letting artists leverage the total freedom of design to add an aesthetic touch without a significant added cost.

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