What could possibly go wrong with 10% subprime mortgages?

Credit: 4closurefraud.org
Credit: 4closurefraud.org

They’re baack! Subprime mortgages are sneaking back into the market. One such mortgage required 35% down, $10,000 in fees, and has a whopping 10.9% interest rate. I’m guessing the fees and penalties should a payment be missed would be absolutely nosebleed. The borrowers said they planned to refi into a normal mortgage this year. Hmm, why do they think they’ll be able to do that when they couldn’t do it now?

Mortgage lenders are tip-toeing back into the subprime swamp. Surely this time is different. We will be more cautious, they say. Maybe. But in six months or a year, others probably won’t be nearly as cautious, banksters will start securitizing this risky glop, and due diligence on mortgages will go flying out the window again.

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  1. Why not? They made so much money last time around…

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