3D printing buildings. Amsterdam leads the way

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

A team of architects, designers, and engineers plan to 3D print a building that will be an education center for 3D printing. Every part of the house will be 3D printed. This will be a first. 3D printing buildings may well be mainstream soon enough.

The printing will be done by the KamerMaker (room-maker), which is nearly 20 feet tall.  Architects are 3D printing tiny mockups of the building using the exact same computer files as will be used to create the house.

Developers may not be quaking in their boots just now but 3D printing has the potential to disrupt construction and the very look of our towns and cities.

This indeed will be hugely disruptive, as trades and jobs shrink and maybe even vanish. Soon enough we may see construction sites with multiple 3D printers and robots doing the assembly.