Drop that pressure cooker and put your hands up


Pressure cooker bombs explode in a pressure cooker society which apparently believes violence is a dandy way to solve the problem of violence. Sure, sometimes violence does solve problems, like if you’re being attacked. And let’s not forget this country was founded by violent revolution. However, those original revolutionaries went back to their farms when the battles were done. They didn’t create the biggest army on the planet and put military bases in dozens of foreign countries, that came much later..

We’re not a very reflective society. Immediately after the bombings in Boston people were calling for the heads of the perpetrators. Our instinctive response to violence is always more violence. In response to the attacks on 9/11 we’ve launched wars across the globe killing at least a million people, creating millions of refugees, and destroying entire nations in the process. Our leaders have codified torture and systemically rolled back our civil liberties. No doubt this attack will be used to roll back even more liberties. Here in New York City we have to show ID to purchase a utility knife. I imagine we will see similar efforts when one purchases a pressure cooker.

What’s happening to us a society?


  1. Victory?

    Propaganda would dictate

    we out violence the violent,

    what kind of world will victory create

    when we finally out brutal the brute?

    ann arky http://www.radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com

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