Liberal denial over Obama plan to “reform” Soc Sec, Medicare


Apparently there is nothing liberals like better than another punch in the mouth from their supposed leaders, this time from President Obama. Liberal denial over Obama’s stated plan to gut Social Security and Medicare has become comical Liberals have a multitude of excuses. Obama has bad advisers. Republicans are evil meanies. Surely if we just somehow get through to Obama he will suddenly morph into FDR and become a fightin’ liberal after all.  Labor organizer Big Bill Haywood said, “a liberal is the guy who leaves the room when a fight starts,” so maybe it’s not surprising liberals never seem to fight for much of anything. However, Obama has become so overtly Bushian that even his loyalists are having second thoughts about him.

Daily Kos has proven to be a bellwether of the change in sentiment. After being one of the leaders in pushing the “lesser evil” trope, its commetariat and most of its diarists are up in arms over Obama’s budget, which includes Social Security and Medicare cuts. Kos waded in yesterday and in all seriousness wrote, “I can’t imagine President Barack Obama actually wants to cut Social Security. I’m not that cynical.”

I don’t even have to shred it. Go read his comments section. His readers cite chapter, book and verse the overwhelming evidence that this is exactly what Obama wants to do.

Kos continues in his delusion:

So I actually take him at his word, that he is simply trying to give Republicans what they want in order to appear compromising and reasonable. Why does he need to appear compromising and reasonable? Who the hell knows, but he sure has a pathological need to appear that way.

Rubbish. Obama has a will of steel when it comes to giving the banksters whatever they want. He has shredded civil liberties and the Constitution, ordered innocents tortured and killed, yet Kos thinks Obama has a pathological need to appear reasonable? Puh-lease. Kos is an apparatchik who wants to claw his way up the Democratic Party pyramid. He will never seriously fight the party and its leaders because that would hurt his chances for moving up.

Big Bill Heywood was right.

"Did you just call me a liberal?"
“Did you just call me a liberal?”