Annette Funicello: Her life with multiple sclerosis


I had no idea things got so bad for Annette Funicello with multiple sclerosis. She had the worst possible type. For the final ten years of her life she couldn’t walk and for the final three years couldn’t talk. She had round the clock care at home and her husband, who is a gem, never gave up.

Her husband and friends wanted pictures of her condition released so everyone could see how devastating MS is and how we need to work towards cures. Watch the video and read the comprehensive article at CTVnews.


  1. Shame on you for putting this photo on your website !!!! I can’t imagine Annette wanting people to see her this way.. And the people of the world who fight this disease Definitly don’t want to see it either. Thank you assholes for making my mom (who has MS ) cry for days over this. What in hell is wrong with you!!!!!!

  2. Really ??????? Assholes !!

  3. Hmmm can’t handle a comment by someone who deals with MS everyday and speaks the truth. You can keep deleting them… Just shows what kind of website (that no one has ever heard of) you are. You do realize that even my doctors are out raged at this. Keep deleting cowards

    • Learn to read. As my article said, her husband and family *wanted* the world to know of her condition so people would know how bad it is and maybe it would increase research money.

      None of your comments have been deleted.

  4. Really???? I’m sure she would really appreciate this and your the dumb website that puts it up. Think of others sometimes. This is awful and you know it. Peace out asshole

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