Article V Convention not just for conservatives


Byron DeLear says conservatives are focusing on a Article V Convention to force change so progressives better jump on too. This is a perfect platform to overturn Citizens United as well as the odious and corrupt concept that corporations are people.

Conservative politicians and groups are largely behind a renewed push to have the states call a constitutional convention, but a nonpartisan group dedicated to advancing the idea says progressives should be taking up the cause as well.

Byron DeLear, a co-founder of Friends of the Article V Convention, told The Huffington Post that the idea of a state-called convention, which is allowed for in Article V of the Constitution, is a “transpartisan idea” that only recently has become a tool for conservatives to push for change.

Article V of the Constitution says state legislatures can petition Congress to call binding conventions for proposing new amendments. Many such petitions have been made and naturally, Congress is ignoring the law and the petitions.

It’s a Catch-22—Congress will not issue the Article V Convention call only to have its overreaching powers scrutinized, and the people can’t enjoy their right for independent oversight without Congress issuing the call.

Sooner or later the US will have its Arab Spring and an Article V Convention may well be part of it. Lefties need to get involved now.