No Agenda podcast 500th show w Adam Curry and John Dvorak



The No Agenda podcast just hit a landmark 500 shows. Adam “Crackpot” Curry and John “Buzzkill” Dvorak pump out two shows a week. Each show is at least 2 1/2 hours long. No Agenda is one of my favorite podcasts. They dissect the media and government skillfully, targeting the lies and evasions, often satirically and with humor. Curry may play the fool. He’s not. He also spends hours a week reading Congressional transcripts and government reports, often finding news not reported elsewhere. Dvorak makes a fine foil to Curry, bringing him back to earth when needed. The show is fun to listen to, superbly produced, and informative.

Each No Agenda show generally gets several thousand dollars in pledges, making No Agenda one of the most profitable podcasts around and is Curry’s sole income. There’s nothing crackpot about that. Other podcasters might want to study how they do it.

Dvorak is the long time Silicon Valley journalist. Curry was an early MTV VJ and later played a major role in the development and birth of podcasting.