Hey Google Glass, don’t crawl me bro’


Instead of being able to grab whatever data it wants from whoever is nearby, Google Glass needs to play by Google’s own rules and institute a no crawl policy based on robots.txt, which is how websites work now. Without this, you will have no control over over what data about you, including location, gets sent to the cloud instantly whenever Google Glass is near.

The crux of my argument is this…

Google, if you’d like to crawl my face with a Googlebot, the least you could do is request my robots.txt first. To do otherwise would be extremely impolite.

Google and Facebook already have sophisticated facial recognition software, so if Glass takes your picture and sends it to the cloud, chances are, it will ID you as being in the picture within seconds. This currently happens without your permission or knowledge.

Stop the Cyborgs adds

Add in some sort of signalling method such as an IR emitter and maybe some legal force to ensure ‘world crawlers’ abide by the robots.txt and we could have a good technical solution which will reduce some of the privacy risks.