Crowdfunding and microinvesting in solar power with Mosaic

Funded Mosaic project in Oakland
Funded Mosaic project in Oakland

Mosaic lets you to invest as little as $25 in solar power projects in the US with an average expected rate of return of about 4.5%, which certainly beats savings accounts. They’ve funded eleven projects so far, totaling $1.1 million. Payments go directly into your checking account each month. They charge a modest 1% in fees.

This seems quite legit, and a great way to invest in solar projects and make a return too. Mosaic is based in Oakland, CA. To sign up, you need to meet certain criteria if you want to invest more than $2,500, and you’ll need to give your social and bank account number to join.

Mosaic connects investors to high quality solar projects. Our mission is to open up clean energy investing and fundamentally change the way energy is financed.

The fundamentals of solar makes it an attractive component of a diversified investment portfolio: reliable technology, predictable energy output, and stable cash flows. Every Mosaic project is carefully vetted and structured to minimize risk while maximizing benefits to investors and to the planet.

The transition to a clean energy powered planet has already begun, but it will require trillions of dollars of investment in coming years. Already, hundreds of people from across the United States have invested thousands of dollars to finance solar projects through Mosaic’s online marketplace.

7×7 says:

Last September, Mosaic announced with little fanfare an investment opportunity worth $40,000 to install solar panels at the Youth Employment Partnership, an Oakland non-profit, at an expected rate of return of 6.38 percent.

The response was immediate and overwhelming – within a week the project was fully funded.