Stop the cyborgs. Ban Google Glass


So, you think Google Glass will be all cutting edge, way cool, and a huge help to you and others, coming to you from those ‘Do No Evil’ folks at Google, eh? By contrast, Stop the Cyborgs thinks Google Glass will be just what Big Brother wants, constant and willing monitoring of the sheeple by the sheeple for the government and huge corporations, who will receive steady streams of information about what we do and where we are, all the time 24/7, compliments of the human spybots sitting in Starbucks next to you. Privacy will become extinct.

‘Stop The Cyborgs’ was founded in response to the Google Glass project and other technology trends. The aim of the movement is to stop a future in which privacy is impossible and corporate control total.

Why we are concerned about Google Glass.

Google has the marketing power to make acting like ‘Creepy Cameraman’ socially acceptable. Would you have even considered wearing a hidden spy camera or recording conversations a few years ago? Well soon everyone will be doing it and finding you odd for objecting.

There is no way to know if you are being recorded by someone wearing Google Glass or a similar device.

Even if the user is not recording video, audio for their own use it may still be being collected and processed in the cloud in order to display contextual information using image, object, face, voice identification and speech recognition. (so called augmented reality)

Information about you will not just sit in some database, read only by the security services and bored IT workers but rather will delivered directly to the people you are interacting with.

These concerns go beyond privacy. There are serious consequences for human society.


  1. Concerned Technologist

    you’re a moron. I can take a video of you in a coffee shop with any android or Apple without you knowing and I can keep it out of the government’s hands or give them all kinds of info about you because I can control what goes over the web. do some research before you act like an idiot fascist ….. get a life

    • Gosh, you appear to be a loudmouth troll using a phony email address. We here at Politics in the Zeros will certainly deeply ponder what you say.

      And you might want to look up what “fascist” means since you’ve obviously no clue.

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