Did you know part of Cyprus is occupied by Turkey?

Cyprus partition

Turkey says any deals on oil and gas on their occupied part of Cyprus must been done with their permission. Hmm, is the US and UK waiting in the wings?

The news that Turkey would strongly object to any deals using the natural gas and petroleum resources to offset any loans or investments to end the financial crisis are not a surprise as there is still some strange reason that Ankara wishes to board the sinking ship known as the E.U. With the Turks rattling the sabers once again to assist their financial masters in Berlin and Brussels, the idea that American and British subterfuge is underway again exacerbating this financial crisis is not that far fetched. By Sunday or Monday of next week, a capitulation by the people of Cyprus would not be a surprise considering the collusion of the non-Russian super powers and their desire to own Cypriot natural resources outright.