Eurozone finance minister to Cyprus. Shut up slaves and pay us

Credit: Adam Voorhes photo blog.
Credit: Adam Voorhes photo blog.

Eurozone banksters have no patience with that foolish Cyprus, which is balking at forcing their innocent citizens to pay for the greed of the criminal class by allowing private bank accounts to be looted.

“It’s probably inevitable there will be some kind of levy in the final package that we will agree upon,” Dijsselbloem told the European Parliament.

It is also probably inevitable that arrogant thugs like Dijsselbloem will eventually be driven from power by mobs with pitchforks and torches.

There is little difference between Eurozone bullying of Cyprus and a mafia protection racket.

Cyprus is small and largely unable to fight back, either politically or financially. Its shabby treatment is consistent with how the EU has treated other countries when it perceives it has the upper hand, including Greece and Portugal.

Cyprus should to what Iceland did. Call the bankster’s bluff. Default on the debt, nationalize the banks, and put the criminals at the top in prison.

The banksters are clueless, incompetent, and through their greedy bumbling, about to provoke a much wider crisis.

Euro zone finance officials acknowledged being “in a mess” over Cyprus during a conference call on Wednesday and discussed imposing capital controls to insulate the region from a possible collapse of the Cypriot economy.