CT High school footballers arrested for rape of 13 yo. Victim taunted


I thought high school sports was supposed to build character but instead too it often seems to encourage sociopathic behavior. Two Torrrington CT football players have been arrested for raping a 13 year old. This is Steubenville all over again. The victim has been taunted and blamed for the rape by the usual pack of vicious little jackals while officials did nothing.

A friend is a high school football coach and I’m quite sure he wouldn’t put up with or cover up sickness like this. However, it appears way too many high school sports coaches do. Houston, we have a real problem – and it’s nationwide.

Two Torrington High School football players stand accused of sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl. Four others were suspended in a hazing scandal last fall that is still under investigation. One player, the team’s second-highest scorer last fall, was allowed to play even though the team’s coach knew he had been charged with felony robbery and assault.


High school sports must be allowed to trump everything including criminal charges, it appears. This is a fine preparation for life, teaching the students that the privileged and protected can do whatever they want, and that sociopathic and criminal behavior will be ignored so long as you are on the team.

School officials claim that the sexual assault charges against 18-year-olds Edgar Gonzalez and Joan Toribio, the hazing and other incidents are isolated problems and don’t signal a deeper issue with the culture of Torrington High School, its athletic programs or football team.

I have a one word response to this sickening attempt at a cover-up. Horseshit.