Scoble dumps Apple for Android and Google Glass- sign of the times?

Scoble Android Tweet

Uber-geek Robert Scoble is switching to Android and leaving Apple behind. The primary reason is Google Glass. He’ll be getting one shortly and it simply works better on Android. He says that while his new Motorola Android phone looks clunkier than an iPhone, it doesn’t matter. With Glass, the phone never leaves your pocket anyway.

Scoble is well-known in Silicon Valley and tech. Lots of people follow him. He is a major influencer with a web presence on literally dozens of sites.

If you visit my Soundcloud channel you can hear why I switched to Android: — basically I switched because of Google Glass, which I expect to arrive soon.

Overall I like it a lot more than I was expecting, mostly because of the keyboard and audio features.

The problem with being a fan boy: switching costs.

It really is frustrating to switch phone platforms. This is why Apple isn’t going to turn unprofitable tomorrow, even if it never ships another innovation as big as the original iPhone.

Good point. My control center is my iPhone. It has dozens of apps, several of which are essential to running my business and personal life. Do these apps exist on Android? Maybe. If they don’t, do substitutes exist and do they have the same functionality? Unless there is a compelling reason to switch, then I’m quite happy with my iPhone.

Truth is Apple won’t lose a lot of customers to Android UNLESS Google Glass catches on. That is hardly assured since there is so much resistance to that idea.

If Glass does catch on though, then Google has a game-changer and Apple gets buried.