Wind power overtakes nuclear in China

China wind turbines. Credit:

Wind power is now supplanting nuclear in China, as well as in the US.

Some 18,000 MW of windpower was added to the grid over the last two years, nearly seven times as much as nuclear. It estimates that there is now some 75,600MW of wind energy capacity on China – and that eighty per cent of it is now connected to the grid

But the remarkable thing about the new development is that its actual generation, has now exceeded that of the atom (its capacity, as the above figures show, exceeded nuclear power long ago)

However, there may be unexpected limits in wind power growth.

As windfarms proliferate they may actually reduce their generating capacity, by affecting the wind itself. This is because turbines slow down the wind to their leeward

Better placement of turbines may be a solution but no one really knows yet. Lordy, can you imagine the lawsuits if a new wind farm caused power output at an existing wind farm to drop? However, this will only be a factor with massive installations of wind, presumably with thousands of wind turbines.